Visit #35, Mayville-Portland Lions Club, Tuesday evening January 24, 2012

It was just a short jaunt for us to Mayville—maybe 45 minutes. This club holds a special place in my heart. Our club re-sponsored them just three years ago and I was present at their Charter Night. I invited them to visit us whenever they are able.

The Club meets at the National Guard Armory in a bright cheery room. Brenda and were greeted with plenty of friendly handshakes and welcoming conversation. I was glad to see a Lions banner on the wall and an American flag and a Lions bell and gavel on the table…all the tools. I think they said they have more than thirty members now.

Brenda was over-the-moon happy that sloppy joes (AKA BBQs) were served for supper. They are one of her favorites and she seldom gets them at home. Kudos to the M-P cooks.

I was embarrassed during tailtwisting that my ability to match famous movie quotes with movie titles was more than just a little bit rusty. There were a couple of folks who got almost all of the answers right. M-P Lions were kind and didn’t ask me to disclose my score.

I found these Lions an attentive audience, open to new ideas. They were optimistic about the fundraising possibilities associated with the summer festival and the May-Port all-school reunion. I’m not sure why they care about fundraising since the club treasurer informed them that the club has “tons of money!” I think the characterization was subsequently withdrawn.

It was clear and starry as we headed home. We were surprised to be able to see the overhead glow of both Fargo and Grand Forks in the opposite night skies.

Mileage for the visit: 79
Mileage for the week: 300
Mileage for the month: 955
Mileage for the year: 7,623

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