Visit #32, Arthur Lions Club, Wednesday noon January 18, 2012

After being home (from Larimore-Turtle River) about an hour it was time to get back on the road to Arthur for their lunch meeting.

We arrived at Kelly’s Restaurant a few minutes early. The meeting was actually held in the bar part of the facility—larger and more private. We met a number of friendly Lions. In the process we noticed a table of men, all wearing Lions vests. Reading the back of one of the vests and talking with those guys we learned that they were from West Fargo Lions Club and were doing an official visitation…and they were passing on the Enderlin fundraising stuffed baby lion.

I was impressed that Arthur Lions had such a good turnout and that the club had members of all ages—quite a few younger ones. I made a comment about young members and typically they all looked at each and asked, “Who’s he talking about? Not me.”

We had lunch before my remarks. I told Brenda that I thought Kelly’s meatloaf was perhaps the best I’d ever eaten. I told the Arthur Lions how much we appreciate clubs that meet at noon because they facilitate attending more than one meeting in an area. I told them they were the “meat” in our Lions sandwich that day.

I think the club abbreviated their usual meeting agenda to allow more time for me. In my remarks–as I always do–I suggested the club include contributions to LCIF in their annual giving and I asked if anyone present had been recognized with a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Much to my surprise, four of the five visiting Lions from West Fargo raised their hands. I was then able to use West Fargo as an example of clubs who acknowledge their outstanding members and at the same time do good in our world.

In talking with some of the Arthur group Brenda and I were impressed with the community pride associated with their new consolidated school facilities. We had driven by them on our way. A number of Arthur Lions have volunteered to take part in a service project trip to Minot for post-flood reconstruction work.

After this enjoyable lunch stay we were on our way to Fargo for an evening with the NDSU Campus Lions.

Mileage for the visit: 64
Mileage for the week: 132
Mileage for the month: 556
Mileage for the year: 7,224

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