Visit #23, Edgeley, Monday noon November 7, 2011

We left Grand Forks shortly after 8 a.m. and headed for Edgeley. Arrived at the café just before noon and the waitress approached us immediately. This is one of the few clubs where members order lunch off the menu. Brenda and I went for the daily “specials”. I ended up speaking during dinner again; most of the members finished eating while I was orating.

The Edgeley Lions were a good audience. Club President Rick Gutschmidt appreciated receiving the “I Belive” lapel pin from International President Tam.

This meeting was the club treasurer’s last as he was moving to Spearfish, SD. I had to admire his dedication—he brought a new member to the club replace himself! The club voted to provide a supportive donation to the new Mrs. North Dakota, a woman from Edgeley. One of the members cracked me up—he voted “no” on various random motions when the outcome wasn’t in question and grinned from ear to ear when he did it.

The club gave me a full bag of used eyeglasses to drop off at the ND Lions Eye Bank. I had fun figuring out with the tailtwister which Lions Clubs in North Dakota are the oldest—Edgeley is one of them.

We headed out for Jamestown right after the meeting. Spent some time in McDonald’s catching up on email using their free wifi connection. We appreciate them accommodating travelers in this way.

Grand Forks to Edgeley: 205
Mileage for the visit: 205
Mileage for the week: 205
Mileage for the month: 889
Mileage for the year: 5,660

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