Visit #21, Pettibone Lions Club, Wednesday evening November 2, 2011

Brenda and I spent the afternoon loafing in our room in Medina after the Lions lunch meeting. We went for a short walk for exercise–beautiful fall weather. We left for Pettibone around six p.m.

The Pettibone Café is a cozy meeting place. Dinner was already prepared and the smells of turkey and all the trimmings met us at the door. The pumpkin pie was cut and arranged on the counter—still warm– I’m thinking. We personally greeted all twenty of the members who attended. Newly elected Lion President Mike Ziesch made us feel welcome. Mike lives and is employed in Bismarck, but he regularly commutes back to his roots to participate in a farming operation.

I realized that these Lions were anticipating a brief version of my usual DG remarks when I heard, “Just give us the Cliff Notes version!” I’m not sure they got their wish. I met a member of the club whose profession is hauling and dispersing manure. It was suggested that in some ways the district governor fulfills a similar function.

We learned about the upcoming Pettibone Lions turkey shoot. It’s their signature event and a major fundraiser; lots of details to arrange and work out. I think EVERYONE in the club plays a role. Talk about being civic-minded, Pettibone Lions purchase and install patching material to repair potholes on their own streets!

Brenda and I observed the brightest, longest-lasting shooting star of our lives on the drive back to Medina.

Medina to Pettibone: 28
Pettibone to Medina: 28 (overnight)
Total mileage for the visit: 56
Mileage for the week: 290
Mileage for the month: 290
Mileage for the year: 5,061

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