Visit #19, Streeter Lions Club, Tuesday evening November 1, 2011

We left home around noon and at Brenda’s suggestion stopped for a coupon-special French dip sandwich at Arby’s. Their “roast beef” reminds me of thin-sliced, brown bologna; not a fan. We also made a quick stop in Valley City at a new antique store; we didn’t find anything we had to own.

We arrived in Medina around four and looked around town. Medina is going to be our base for two days as we visit three clubs in the area in quick succession. Our room is interesting—like a 1970s bungalow. It’s configured for hunters—a double bed and three single beds. Plenty of space for two people. There is radiant heat in the stucco ceiling. Being near the rail line, one hears the coal-laden trains heading east and the empties heading back west about once an hour. It’s a byproduct of having energy abundance, I guess.

We left the motel for Streeter about an hour before the meeting…about 30 minutes earlier than we needed to. When we arrived we drove around the town briefly then pulled up to the Streeter Café. Some members were already there. One of the first things I noticed (in addition to the wonderful smell or roast turkey) was the friendly, smiling stuffed Lion perched high overhead in the ductwork watching over the proceedings. This was our first Thanksgiving meal of the season. The pumpkin cake for dessert was excellent!

It was Spouse’s Night at the Streeter Lions and they had a great turnout. I think everyone had a good time—we did. They dispensed with some of their routine business to prevent a potentially long-winded district governor from making the evening too lengthy.

I heard about the club’s famous buffalo dinner. They fed 1,702 people this year! The Streeter folks claim it’s “the best buffalo feed in the world”. They told me that local and state politicians show up. I’m not sure how that enhances the taste of the food, unless they chop one up in the gravy.

The tailtwister was certainly in the groove. I expected to hear, “A fine for every mammal here who’s breathing!” After the meeting I couldn’t get the phrase “one thin dime” out of my head, ha, ha.

The drive back to Medina was short and uneventful and we arrived in time to watch Parenthood–a favorite—on TV.

Grand Forks to Medina: 196
Medina to Streeter: 19
Streeter to Medina: 19 (overnight)
Total mileage for the visit: 234
Mileage for the week: 234
Mileage for the month: 234
Mileage for the year: 5,005

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One Response to Visit #19, Streeter Lions Club, Tuesday evening November 1, 2011

  1. Rhiannon says:

    Noah would have to disagree with you -he loves Arby’s.

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