Visit #13, Horace Lions Club, Thursday evening October 13, 2011

I’ve been looking forward to visiting the Horace Lions—a club with a great reputation. They had good recruiting results last year and were neck-in-neck with Fargo for the honor of being the district’s largest.

Brenda and I left home at 11:30 with the express purpose of having lunch in Fargo and doing some afternoon shopping. Doolittle’s Grill was wonderful, as usual. Don’t miss the place the next time you’re in Fargo and looking for a meal. Later we did a fairly efficient job of converting Grand Forks money into Fargo money. Brenda was happy with our success.

It’s only a ten-minute drive from West Acres to the Horace Senior Center. We arrived 15 minutes earlier than we planned, but half a dozen Lions had beaten us there and greeted us warmly. Horace has a “social hour” prior to their meeting, which provides members time to catch up on the happenings in each other’s lives. Almost every member was wearing a Lions vest. I couldn’t help but notice all the little red teardrop-shaped pins on many of the vests and I inquired. One of their long-time service projects is donating blood. This wonderful group of Lions has, together, donated enough blood to fill a swimming pool! What a super way to serve. Thanks to the Lion treasurer for helping me peddle 25 state pins.

The home cooked meatloaf dinner was delicious. We sang “My Bonny Lies over the Ocean” with alternating sitting and standing each time a word beginning with the letter “B” was sung. I then understood why “bumps” were included in the social hour—to pre-lubricate old knee joints! After some preliminary business I was given the floor. Horace needs little encouragement—they do so many things right. They have great senior leadership. I don’t think there is a club in our district that contributes to so many causes. They mentioned awarding three Melvin Jones Fellowships this year and when I asked for a show of hands, most of the thirty or so members present indicated they were recipients of the honor. A great visit.

We had a full moon and a clear sky for the drive home and arrived just in time to catch the news and weather.

Grand Forks to Horace: 87
Horace to Grand Forks: 87
Total mileage for the visit: 174
Mileage for the week: 174
Mileage for the month: 664
Mileage for the year: 3,382

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