Visit #12, Devils Lake Lions Club, Wednesday evening October 5, 2011

We left home about 4 o’clock heading for Devils Lake. It was windy, but then again when for the last month hasn’t it been windy?

My highly competent scheduler (Brenda) got the meeting place confused, but caught the error in the nick of time. We were able to call fellow Grand Forks Lion Carmen Suminski a few minutes before the meeting started and give her the correct location. Lion Carmen serves as Director of the North Dakota School for the Deaf and works in Devils Lake four days a week and as Director of the ND School for the Blind in Grand Forks one day a week. She wanted to be at the Devils Lake Lions Club when I visited.

The Devils Lake Lions were a hospitable group and warmly welcomed us. We had a great dinner–choice of steak or ribs. I was privileged to induct four new members, including two husband and wife teams. I had to laugh about our meeting area being a little like “Grand Central Station”. We had other groups and the wait staff coming and going and passing through the entire evening. The club quickly caught on to my “just a little bit” theme and had fun with it.

This was a special gathering since it also included the first Zone A1 meeting of the year. All clubs from A1 were represented except Leeds. Zone Chair Betty Triplett did a great job—especially in issuing invitations to the State Lions Convention.

An uneventful drive got us home by about eleven.

Grand Forks to Devils Lake: 93
Devils Lake to Grand Forks: 93
Total mileage for the visit: 186
Mileage for the week: 490
Mileage for the month: 490
Mileage for the year: 3,208

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