Visits #7 & #8, Zeeland and Zeeland Dakota Lions Clubs, Tuesday evening September 20, 2011

Left Grand Forks right after lunch. It was windy as the dickens (40+ mph from the north) and rained on us most of the way. Zeeland may be our farthest visitation from Grand Forks (283 miles one way). We stopped in Napoleon and checked into our motel and changed clothes. Drove the last 40 miles to Zeeland.

Had a nice dinner and conversation at the Zeeland Cafe. There were about 18 members present. Almost half of the 80 citizens of Zeeland are members of one or the other Lions Clubs. My remarks were well received. I met independently with the officers of each club. The clubs are now routinely meeting on the same night. After dinner the clubs gathered in opposite ends of the Zeeland Café dining room to conduct business. I believe Zeeland Dakota Lions Club is all women and Zeeland Lions Club is all men.

It rained hard and was very windy on our drive back to Napoleon where we were stayed. Had to slow to 15 mph a couple of times.

Nice breakfast at Reuben’s in Napoleon the next morning and uneventful drive back to Grand Forks. We did see two deer crossing the road only a few minutes north of Napoleon.

Grand Forks to Napoleon: 243
Napoleon to Zeeland: 40.5
Zeeland to Napoleon: 40.5 (overnight)
Napoleon to Grand Forks: 243
Total mileage for the visits: 567
Mileage for the week: 567
Mileage for the month: 2,454
Mileage for the year: 2,454

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