Visit #2, Lehr Lions Club, Thursday evening September 8, 2011

We spent the night in Jamestown after a visitation there.

After breakfast Brenda wanted to look around town.  We stopped at a couple of thrift stores.  She bought about a dozen or so god-awful vases and decorator items for a total of about $20.  She seemed to know what she wants to do with them.  They rattled in the back of the Subaru Forester the next day and a half.  For our daughter Rhiannon: hoarder alert!  That’s an inside joke.  We walked around downtown and went into one antique store.  We ate lunch at the Hugo’s deli in downtown Jamestown.   There was free cake and ice cream as some kind of promotion.  We had no inkling of the coming evening’s dessert or we probably would have passed.  I also drove through the campus of Jamestown College to show Brenda where the district cabinet meetings have sometimes been held.  We went back to the motel and got cleaned up.

About 3:30 we headed south out of Jamestown toward Kulm.  This turned out to be the non-optimum route, but the GPS never suggested an alternative and those who have GPS know that the gal can be pushy.  When we got to Kulm we were well ahead of schedule so we drove around town.  Nice community; bigger than we thought. 

Drove on to Lehr.  We got there about 45 minutes ahead of schedule so drove practically every street in town.  We parked in front of Marie’s Café and waited.  After a few minutes Lion President John Wiskus and Lion Secretary Bonnie Wiskus arrived.  Then PID Gackle and his wife pulled up beside us.  Bill and Marilyn were there as guests and to advertise the upcoming Kulm Lions Steak Fry.  Others arrived and we all went inside the cafe.

I met briefly with club officers.  Dinner was served promptly.  It was a side of roast beef per person, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn.  Dessert was a two-pound (I swear) piece of peach kuchen covered with soft serve ice cream.  It tasted wonderful, but was so filling that neither Brenda nor I couldn’t finish it.  After dinner we moved into the attached community meeting room.

I think there were about a dozen members present.  My remarks went pretty well.  At the end of the meeting we filled cloth shopping bags with “swag” for presentation to newcomers in town.  The mayor (Lion Don) took them with him for later delivery.

We took a different route back to Jamestown.  It was a near full moon.  I think we only met four cars in the 60 mile drive north to I-94.  There were a couple of places where the highway was built up with gravel due to high standing water.  I’ve never seen so many frogs in North Dakota as that night.  Sometimes they jumped up against the undercarriage as we drove over them.  There were thousands of “corpses” on the road and we could occasionally hear a tire hurl a body against a wheel well.  Brenda was preoccupied with getting the car washed as soon as possible the next day to remove the “frog juice” from underneath the car.  There were also billions of insects out that night.  They sounded like rain hitting the windshield.  After 30 minutes the windshield looked like it had been sand blasted.

On the last leg of the drive back to Jamestown one of us mentioned how nice it would be to have an adult beverage and unwind when we returned.  I think Brenda was thinking bar, but I said I’d get something at a liquor store. 

Back in the room we watched TV, sipped a bourbon and Coke, and recounted the day.  Brenda’s pictures were good.  The next morning we ate breakfast at the motel and drove uneventfully back to Grand Forks.

Jamestown to Lehr:  73
Lehr to Jamestown:   74 (overnight)
Jamestown to Grand Forks:  168
Total mileage for the visit:  315
Mileage for the week:  483
Mileage for the month:  483
Mileage for the year:  483

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