Visit #1, Jamestown Lions Club, Wednesday evening September 7, 2011

I attended the meeting of my home Lions club (Grand Forks Lions) at noon and then we hit the road.

We drove to Jamestown with only a brief stop for gas.  When we arrived in Jamestown we went directly to the motel to check in.  The desk clerk queried the computer, then looked up, smiled, and said, “I’m sorry Mr. Johnson, but we don’t have record of your reservation with us, but we may be able to accommodate you.”  I went back to the car and checked with Brenda.  Wrong motel; we were staying up the block.  Drove there and checked in.  We got dressed and after relaxing an hour or so drove to the Gladstone Motel, the meeting location.

Second Vice district Governor (2VDG) Fran Romsdal and the club president Sue Stoudt were already there.  Lion Fran will be DG two years from now.  We were introduced to a handful of members and then met with club officers to ask my visitation questions.  Fran offered to buy me a beer.  His looked so good in that frosty glass that I said yes, realizing that I needed to guard against becoming “too relaxed” during the evening .  The club had a really good turnout…maybe twenty members.

Dinner was served.  I tried to eat fast so I’d be done when they asked me to speak, but I was only two-thirds there before Lion president Sue asked if I was ready to begin.  My remarks went pretty well, I think.

After the meeting about half a dozen members and Brenda and I adjourned to the bar for a “study session”.  I think that’s what they called it.  I enjoyed getting to know them better and answering Lions questions.  Nice people; great club.

When we got back to the room about nine I looked at Brenda’s photos.  Not good.  I think the camera “scene knob” was incorrectly set.  I was able to salvage one with the help of Photoshop and emailed it along with my monthly column to the ND Lion newsletter editor.  Typical, I beat the submission deadline by two hours.

Grand Forks to Jamestown:  168 (overnight)
Total mileage for the visit:  168
Mileage for the week:  168
Mileage for the month:  168
Mileage for the year:  168

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